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Booking Request

You can use the form below to book our services on a day and time that suits you best. Please note, by submitting this form it is not necessarily a guarantee your desired appointment time will be available. We will always try our best to accomodate your preference and will confirm your appointment with you ASAP

Notes on the services available to book via this form:

  • On-site support is when we come to your home or business and resolve your problem.

  • In-house support is at our office (click here for address) This service is great for 

  • Drop off/pickup is for dropping your computer in for repair or collecting it after you have been notified it is ready for pick up.

  • If you are not sure about which option is best for you, please don't hesitate to contact us via this page

Thank you for submitting. We will confirm your booking ASAP

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